Less than Perfect or No Credit Financing Options That get you into a Vehicle

If you have less than perfect credit or no credit at all in Los Angeles, CA and you need to purchase a newer model pre owned car, you may start to think that applying for financing options will be next to impossible. This is especially true if you’ve been turned down or denied by local banks or other car lots in Los Angeles. This way of thinking can be reversed because there is a way to receive the funding for your next car, truck or SUV. The fact is that these other places don’t have the resources that we have at Car Champs.

We have a large network of lenders who will approve you for a loan in just a matter of hours and this happens regardless of your credit status. Our lenders understand that your credit problems aren’t necessarily your fault. Therefore, they won’t make you jump through hoops or go through a long drawn-out process to get the automobile that you need to get around Southern California.

Easy Credit Auto Sales for Less than Perfect Credit

Less than Perfect or No Credit Financing OptionsWhether you have bad credit, no credit, bankruptcy or repossession, it’s possible to get easy credit auto sales in Los Angeles County because we specialize in bad credit or no credit auto loans. When you apply for an auto loan at Car Champs you can expect the following:

  • NO credit check
  • NO large down payments
  • NO cosigners
  • NO questions

All of these NOs in this case will add up to a complete YES, no matter what your current credit situation. As long as you have 6 months at your current job and 6 months at your current residence, we can get you into a used vehicle through financing or you could lease a car with no credit. With a wide variety of financing options available, we’ll find the one that fits your situation.

Auto Loans that can be approved and financed with No Credit Check

Getting a new-to-you car in Pasadena, Alhambra or Monterey Park is easier than ever thanks to our no credit check automobile funding that can even be applied to first time buyer car loans. To get started, simply fill out our easy online application. Within no time at all you’ll be contacted by a friendly member of our finance department who will help you understand your pre approved financing options and set you up with an appointment to come see cars, trucks and SUVs that could potentially fit your budget.

With your first step onto of car lot located in Los Angeles, CA 90022 you’ll quickly learn that what sets us apart from the others that may have rejected you time and time again. The biggest difference is we don’t care nor are we concerned with your past credit good or bad.

We only care about your present situation that brought you into our dealership and your future moving forward in a vehicle that makes sense for you. That’s why we offer safe, reliable and affordable modes of transportation that will help you build your credit and make your future financial status much brighter.

As you make your on-time payments along with all others that follow, your credit score will improve. So take the necessary steps to getting into a car today even if you were told you have less than prefect credit. Get approved for non credit checking auto financing now and it will help you in all areas of your life later.